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Listing Useful Resources

A Web site's usefulness is gauged not only on its own content, but also on its ability to guide the surfer to other relevant Web sites on the Internet.

If you are an individual or organization offering language services not covered by AMTrad Services, I invite you to send me your details, so that I can enter them on a relevant page on my Web site. As a courtesy, I will ask you to enter a link to my Web site on one of your Web site's pages.
This arrangement will benefit both Web sites and help increase their popularity on the Internet.
Send me a message with your URL and details of languages and specializations. At the same time, enter a link to this site on one of the pages of your site (the one you want me to link to), using the following code:

Si votre site est en français, utilisez le code suivant:

Se il tuo sito è in italiano, utilizza il codice seguente:

As soon as I receive your message, I will enter a link to your site on one of the pages referenced in Language Services by Other Vendors.