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for the Italian language

What's new

July 16th, 2018

• Localizing the interface of an enterprise data visualization/analysis solution
• Translating Web help pages for the above solution
• Revising the transadaptation of texts for language proficiency testing
• Translating a manual on maintenance procedures for trains
• Translating the Web interface of an eCommerce platform
• Passed my Cambridge CPE exam - Got C2 CEFR level at Grade A

Services for Translation Companies

Are you looking for a trustworthy translation provider in Italy?

Teaming up with AMTrad Services may be the right solution. We provide high quality at a reasonable price. We can also assemble teams of trusted colleagues for large projects and deliver a seamless final text to you. Let AMTrad Services be your project manager, representing you in Italy and helping you deliver the best to your client.

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