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April 18th, 2023

• Just completed a translation project on organization security, EN>IT, 10K words
• Performed LQA for the translation (EN>IT) of certification exam content for a cloud platform


You usually charge in GBP per source word and need to know the equivalent rate in EUR per target line? Or your usual method is target line, 55 characters spaces included, and now you are asked to provide a quote per source page, 1500 characters spaces excluded?
No more headaches with FeeWizard, a free tool offered by AMTrad Services.

New! FeeWizard is now online!

No more filling a spreadsheet with data. Convert your fees immediately with FeeWizard Online. Works with all official EU languages and most world currencies (currency converter available separately).

Note: In the online tool, conversion values are based on a sample of parallel texts from the European Union Web pages. These values may not be appropriate to the type of texts you usually deal with. If you need a greater customization or prefer to use the offline tool, you can still download the Excel file in zipped format (18 Kb).

Important: FeeWizard helps you find out what the equivalent fee is when using a different calculation method. It is not intended to suggest what fee you should apply in a foreign market. When quoting for a foreign market, you should also take into account what the going rates in that market are. For more info about going rates in various countries, please check out Simon Turner's Tariffometro (in Italian).