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for the Italian language

What's new

July 16th, 2018

• Localizing the interface of an enterprise data visualization/analysis solution
• Translating Web help pages for the above solution
• Revising the transadaptation of texts for language proficiency testing
• Translating a manual on maintenance procedures for trains
• Translating the Web interface of an eCommerce platform
• Passed my Cambridge CPE exam - Got C2 CEFR level at Grade A

Professional Training

Our profession is more and more demanding. Nowadays translators are required not just to translate, but to use their computers efficiently, to manage several file formats, to avail themselves of Translation Environment Tools, to search the Internet for answers to their terminology and linguistic doubts and so on. The academic training of many translators has not prepared them to meet these requirements. Yet, acquiring the expertise needed to manage the technical side of our profession may mean gaining a competitive edge which can help us safeguard our yearly income and get through these times of international economic crisis.

Do you want to quickly improve the way you use your computer and your Office suite? To learn how to search the Internet efficiently? To start using your first CAT tool or a new CAT tool required by your client? I can show you the basics in a couple of hours of online course. Since the training is customized, you will learn in 2 hours what would have otherwise taken a whole day of a traditional collective course in a classroom, while saving on travel time and expenses.

Contact me with your requirements and we will arrange a customized session at your most convenient time.

CAT tools I offer training in: SDL Trados, DVX, Wordfast Classic and Professional, Star Transit.