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What's new

April 18th, 2023

• Just completed a translation project on organization security, EN>IT, 10K words
• Performed LQA for the translation (EN>IT) of certification exam content for a cloud platform

Localization Resources

A Practical Guide to Localization - A Website conceived as a companion to one of the best texts on localization available on paper. Here you can find updates, tutorials, and links.
Facets of Software Localization - By Per N. Dohler. An article representing a very good introduction to the subject of localization from the point of view of an independent translator.
One Translator's Thoughts on Software Localization - By Dag Forssell. An enlightening article from the Translation Journal.
Language Partners White Papers - A collection of documents that thoroughly investigate various aspects of localization.
Localisation Resources Centre - Information about the localization industry. Past issues of the magazine in pdf format.
Localisation Industry Standards Association (LISA) - A reference point for the industry. Information and resources.
TILP - The Institute of Localisation Professionals - The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) has the primary aim to develop professional practices in localisation globally. TILP is a non-profit organisation, owned by its members.
MultiLingual Computing, Inc. - Free e-zine on localization.
Silicon Valley Localization Forum - Information and resources, training events, directories of companies and translators.
Transref - Links to the main software tools used in the localization industry, and to Websites offering training on localization.
Gruppo L10N - An Italian group engaged in localization training projects.