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Single-language vendors: non-EFIGS languages

Single-language vendors manage a limited set of languages, usually with a focus on a single target language. Often, these businesses are run by just one or two translators, whose native language is the target language offered.
This page lists single-language vendors who focus on languages other than EFIGS as target languages: e.g. Russian, Arabic, Polish, Japanese, Turkish, etc.

Arabic Translation Company - Offers business, legal, and medical translation services between Arabic and other languages. Agency based in London, United Kingdom.

Krzysztof Bogucki - Translations Polish>Italian>Polish and English>Polish, sworn translations: acts, certificates, diplomas and other documents; translations in the following fields: business, technical (various), sociopolitical, touristic and environmental.

Albanian Translations - A network of native Albanian Experts at your service.

English to Russian translation - Get your professional English to Russian translation made by native speakers.

Legal and technical Russian translation services - Technical translations, legal document translation services. Web site localization. Adoption dossier translation.

Russian language consulting - Translation services from English and Italian to Russian.

Russian translations - High quality affordable Russian translation by native speaker translators.

Turkish English translation - Your English - Turkish translation professionals.

Thai translation and Thai interpreter service provider - Thai translation, localization and Thai interpreter service in Thai-English-Chinese-Japanese-Arabic-Korean-French-German-Cambodian-Laos-Bermese and more.

The colleagues and organizations linked above are independent entities and not agents or employees of AMTrad Services.

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