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Single-language vendors: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Single-language vendors manage a limited set of languages, with a focus on a single target language. Often, these businesses are run by just one or two translators, whose native language is the target language offered.
This page lists single-language vendors who focus on EFIGS languages as target languages.

Anne Milano Appel - translator - Italian > English translations. Literary Translations Exclusively.

Michael Bastin - Document translation, website translation and multilingual website promotion services by a professional and trained freelance translator.

NG-Translation <=> NG-Traduction - Translation of texts and Web sites from or into French and English, by Nicole Geslin (Ph.D).

Cinzia Pieri - Traduzioni tedesco-italiano (German-Italian translations) - Specializzazioni: tecnico, marketing, gastronomia, moda/abbigliamento.

Dorchester Translations - Freelance German to English translators based in the UK.

Roberto Arcangeli - translator - Swedish/English > Italian translations. Areas of expertise: Automotive, mechanics, legal.

Strictly Spanish Translation Services - Spanish Translation Agency providing quality English to Spanish translations, proofreading, editing and website localization in the medical, academic, hospitality, financial, and advertising fields. Company based in the United States.

Maloof Language Services - Certified Spanish to English translator in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 12 years of experience. Serving Fortune 500 companies - and you!

The colleagues and organizations linked above are independent entities and not agents or employees of AMTrad Services.

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