Translation & localization services
for the Italian language

Completed Translation Projects

Software localization and manuals

Esker software.
Datapaq Dpqwin V5 Software (temperature profiling).
Scansoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Oracle Applications Help.
Microsoft Visio Viewer.
MedioStream neoDVD: software - tutorial - online help - documentation.
Localization of Peregrine Service Center 4.0. Entire project completed as a team. On-site QA.
Took part in the localization of Microsoft Visio.
Sony PictureGear Online Help.
Symantec Norton Antivirus Implementation Guide.
Canon Desktop Manager 3.20 User Guide.

Website localization

Revision of Opdicom Website translations.
Datapaq Website.
ICRA Website (


Documentation and press releases for ServiceFactory (wireless Internet access).
Tiscali Mobile - translation of Italian portal.
3Com Newsletter.

Industrial automation

Allen-Bradley Modular Control System specifications.
Datapaq Dpqwin V5 manuals (temperature profiling).
Several manuals and brochures for Rockwell Automation products.

Enterprise Management

Baxter - Quality Leadership Process (presentation and guide).
Localization of PWLM education (CRM - IBM/Siebel).
Les bases du travail en France (translation from French).

Miscellaneous (IT/business/marketing)

Consirium ProSys (lottery software presentation).
Portsmith Ethernet Cradle for Palm - User Manual.
Mapics Point.Man (e-business software presentation).